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Laser Vision Correction
Life Without Glasses or Contact Lenses

Drs. Tom and Irwin Azman built their eye care practice over the course of thirty years and have been at the forefront of Laser Vision Correction, even before the procedure was available in the United States.

Hard work, long hours of study and evaluation, and personal relationships with their clients and colleagues have paid off. No one can compare with the personal attention and individualized care for which Azman Laser Vision is famous. You'll always be treated with expert attention to help assure the best surgical outcome

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Frequently-Asked Questions

1. What is Laser Vision Correction?
Laser vision correction is a non-invasive procedure that treats vision problems using a computer-controlled laser called an excimer laser. This gentle beam of cool laser light carefully reshapes a thin layer of the cornea (less than 10% of the top layer of the eye), flattening the curvature, so that images focus correctly on the retina. These pulses do not generate any heat. The procedure is a safe, convenient and effective solution to the age-old problem of poor eye sight.

2. How many of these surgeries have been performed to date?
Since 1988, more than 8 million excimer procedures have been performed worldwide.

3. How do I know if Laser Vision Correction is right for me?
Laser vision correction is a good fit for active people who find glasses and contacts to be a nuisance and those who simply don’t want to be so dependent on them. Anyone who has stepped on his glasses getting out of bed in the morning has dreamed of freedom like this. Azman Laser Vision Specialists conducts a thorough series of tests in order to determine that Laser Vision Correction is the clear choice for you.

4. Is there an age requirement?
You must be at least 18 years old.

5. What must my vision be like for me to be considered a candidate?
Your lens prescription should be relatively stable for at least one year and you should be free of medical problems related to your eyes.

6. Will Laser Correction give me perfect vision?
You should make sure you have realistic expectations about laser vision correction. Though laser vision correction has the potential to greatly reduce or eliminate dependency on corrective lenses, there can be no assurances that you will obtain perfectly corrected vision. If necessary, visual sharpness after laser vision correction can be enhanced with lenses, however, for most people, the use of glasses should be merely occasional.

7. What are the risks?
Although the risk of having a serious vision-threatening complication is less than 1%, some side effects that may be encountered after laser vision correction include infection, delayed healing resulting in haze, corneal surface irregularities, under/over-correction, contact lens intolerance or regression. Your doctor will review the potential risks with you in detail.

8. Is Laser Vision Correction painful?
There is virtually no discomfort during the procedure. No needles or general anesthetics are used. The eyes are anesthetized with eye drops that are instilled prior to the procedure. 9. How much work or school will I have to miss? For the first 12 hours immediately following your procedure, we strongly encourage you to rest and keep your eyes closed as much as possible. The wait time for LASIK patients is typically 1 or 2 days, while most PRK patients can work and drive 2 or 3 days after the procedure. You probably have more questions. Contact us.


The Good Candidate for Laser Vision Correction

You are likely to be a good candidate for the laser procedure if;
1. You over 18 years of age
2. You nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic
3. You desire uncorrected distance vision for at least one of the following reasons

  • sports or leisure activities -- golf, swimming, skiing, tennis, etc.

  • career activities -- police work, acting, fire fighting

  • contact lens intolerance

  • cosmetics -- improving your appearance or just being tired of wearing glasses


Three Easy Steps to Better Vision

Step 1
If Laser Vision Correction sounds like it might be right for you, then the next step is to have a thorough evaluation. Azman Laser Vision Specialists is uniquely qualified to perform this evaluation because not only do they have a combined 60 years of experience as optometrists, but they possess absolutely the best equipment money can buy. Your doctors will use state of the art instruments like the "Wave Front Corneal-topographer," which actually maps your corneas. This is one of several tests designed to determine the likelihood of your success.

Step 2
After thorough testing, evaluation and personal consulting you will meet the surgeon that will perform your procedure. He will perform additional tests in order to make absolutely sure that you are an ideal candidate. Your surgeon will then make a decision as to whether or not you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction. If it is determined that you are a candidate, the doctor will schedule a return visit to Azman Laser Vision Specialists. Upon that return visit, your Laser vision correction procedure will be performed, and in no time you’ll see for yourself what an incredible procedure this really is.

Step 3
Almost immediately after the procedure, you will notice an improvement in your vision. In the days and weeks to come, the difference will become dramatic, and the doctors at Azman Laser Vision Specialists will follow your progress, scheduling regular check-ups for you. Would you like to know what former patients say about this procedure and how it changed their lives?

If you come in for an evaluation and it turns out that Laser Vision Correction  isn’t right for you don’t worry. There are other options, including Intacts, Contacts, Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology, Biofeedback, and more!


Testimonials From Laser Vision Correction Patients...

Read what patients are saying about their Laser Vision Correction experience here.


The Possibilities Are Yours To Discover...

Laser Vision Correction will change every aspect of your life, from simply being able to see the alarm clock in the morning, to pursuing a new career. The possibilities are endless.


For more information or to schedule a free consultation or screening,
call Azman Eye Care Specialists at 410-561-8050.
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