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A sudden onslaught of double vision in March 2015 caused me to seek the service of a skilled ophthalmologist. As a homebound person who harbors a host of disabling maladies, I began a search for a doctor who makes house calls in Northern Virginia. Thomas Azman’s website was the first one which grabbed my attention. I was impressed by his wealth of experience and the genuine commendations which he received from some of his clients. The doctor retains an endless abundance of knowledge and expertise. His affable, courteous nature puts jittery patients at ease. He’s attentive to your visual concerns and answers all of your questions. Through Dr. Azman’s service, house calls are made available to the Washington, D.C. vicinity, but other locations as well. During my last appointment in Arlington, I was surprised to learn that Dr. Azman had met with a patient in Montreal only the day before. Now, that’s what I call dedication! If you need a premier ophthalmologist to visit you in your home, definitely keep Thomas Azman in mind.

Joette B – April 2016

I have been wearing contact lens for 55 years. When I moved from out-of-state to Maryland, I needed to find a new contact lens specialist. I found Dr. Azman using a Google search. I was surprised to get a phone call asking me questions before getting an appointment. It turns out Dr. Azman specializes in problem cases. As I described my increasing discomfort and dry eyes, he said he could help. I never had the tests he did for tear layer, the topography of cornea, etc. I discovered my contacts were not fitting properly causing an abrasion on both eyes. After two weeks of no contacts, the abrasion was healed. I was surprised when he suggested soft contacts. My previous doctor thought I couldn’t wear them after years with hard and then gas permeable lens. Switching to the soft lens was no problem. It took some adjusting of different strengths of the lens to get the correction for reading and computer work, but now I am very happy with the results. I could not drive at night with contacts because of the extreme glare. That is gone. My eyes were very sensitive to light so I needed sunglasses all the time. That is gone.

A. M – September 2015

I have advanced Keratoconus requiring special contacts which can be very difficult to fit. Dr. Irwin is without a doubt the most knowledgeable doctor I have seen in the 37 years I have had KC. When fitting me with contacts, the process cannot be rushed and Dr. Irwin did not rush, even though I had flown in from outside of thkeratoconuse U.S. and only had 10 days to get things right. His staff was A+ and the whole experience was far above my experience with other nationally known U.S. doctors who treat KC. If I was a regular patient without any unusual complications I would probably find a practitioner who accepts insurance or is less expensive. But my case is complicated and complicated is what this practice does best. While expensive, long term I have no doubt that Dr. Irwin has saved me money and given me many more years of comfortable vision, the latter being something other doctor’s were not able to do. El Salvador

Janet S – September 2015

Dr. Azman, I would like to thank you for all of your help, support, and the individualized attention you gave me through the entire colormax process. I’m sorry this letter has taken so long to reach you, but I hope it finds you well. As you may recall, I came in for an appointment in June of 2014 – I was applying for a pilot slot with the Delaware Air National Guard, and through you, I saw a light in a dark in a dark tunnel. Being a professional pilot has begun to worry me lately, as up until recently, I never knew that I had some issues with color vision testing; it was during the initial testing phase for a Navigator position with the United States Air Force, I learned that I had difficulties passing the red portion of the color vision test. I failed the test, and lost my slot… no words other than devastation and sorrow can describe how I felt: ‘Am I destined to lose my civilian pilot’s medical too? Will I have problems with this in the future? I’m already a pilot now, I have no problems seeing in color, it’s just those stupid tests… I’ve worked so hard to be where I am today, do I have to give everything up now?’ These words continued to echo over and over in my mind. But I was determined – determined to succeed somehow. Fate must have heard my turmoil, because I was given a second chance with the Delaware Air National Guard; I was told “if you can pass the color vision test, we’ll interview you for a potential pilot slot.” This was a new opportunity that I never thought was never possible, but how? How could I pass a test I knew I had no chance at? I wouldn’t take no for an answer. After a brief google search, I found two promising possibilities: 1, that colorblindness was cured in mice (and male pattern baldness for that matter… another good prospect for me), and 2, there was a color correction system by a doctor in the Baltimore area. ‘This is it,’ I thought, ‘my second chance!’ Unfortunately, this is where my skepticism took hold. ‘How can he guarantee a 100% pass rate? How can someone have figured out a way to counter color vision deficiencies? Is this just another get your money type gimmick like those men’s hair restoration products?’ These thoughts rang through my head as I tried to contemplate the possibility of my dreams being fulfilled without deception. To anyone questioning the validity and sincerity of Dr. Azman, I am here to tell you to question no more: From the first point I signed up to find out more about the color vision correction system, I was truly humbled to see how much Dr. Azman and his team cared. I scheduled a phone call to discuss the nature of the system, and was contacted soon thereafter by his son: I appreciated the fact that I didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed at any time, rather the conversation was very relaxed and informal with no obligations. Every question I had was answered, with no dodging or judgment. As a follow up to the initial talk, Dr. Azman himself called me and left his personal cell phone number to contact him at anytime. One would think that in today’s society, someone as seemingly important as Dr. Azman wouldn’t have time, let alone even care, to distribute his personal phone number to someone who’d only expressed an interest; but here, I plainly saw that Dr. Azman only wanted to help (as a testament to his sincerely kind nature). Dr. Azman and his team worked diligently to find an appointment that would fit my schedule. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, and even picked me up from the train station. No wonder people come to visit him from all over the world. As for the color vision correction system, how do I say it any other way: it is the real deal! Dr. Azman spent a large part of the day doing tests to ensure I was given the proper contact match. Upon trying on my new color correction contacts for the first time, I was blown away by the changes I saw. A lot of things were subtle, yet extraordinary: blues and purples became richer, reds became brighter, and greens became textured. This new world I was exposed to showed me serene beauty… I was awestruck! The contacts amazingly had the correct color spectrum to allow me to see what I was missing, yet didn’t interfere with my ability to see other colors. Although the contacts initially made everything slightly darker in tint, I soon discovered that like with sunglasses on, my eyes adapted quickly. I couldn’t stop smiling, the technology Dr. Azman had created was so amazing! All I could think was ‘this color correction system is revolutionary, seeing this beautiful world in a new way is like seeing art for the first time. Dr. Azman has pioneered the frontier that is color vision.’ I left that day with my new contacts and an overwhelming sense of joy, coupled with hope for what the future now held. Thanks to Dr. Azman, I felt unstoppable. When it came time for the real test that I’d failed the first time, I had a newfound confidence escorting me the whole way… and with it, I seized my dreams and passed! I was given my pilot slot interview and a renewed hope for the future. Although in the end, I was awarded an alternate position (to which i wasn’t called up), I was invited to both apply again for the pilot slot and for a navigator position as well. Because of the nature of the hiring board, I was up against some fierce competition, but it was comforting to know that my color vision wouldn’t be a factor in their interview. I finally felt like the playing field had been leveled. Once again, Dr. Azman, thank you for your time, effort, and overwhelming support. Most of all, thank you for giving me the ability to dream big!

Adam H – March 2015

OMG….where do I begin. First and foremost, Dr. Thomas Azman saved my daughter’s eyesight, not once, but twice! At the age of 6 my daughter’s Rx was dramatically changing every 6 months (unheard of)and she was getting headaches and couldn’t read for more than 15 minutes at a time. No one could figure out what was wrong. One visit to Dr. Azman and we were on our way to healthy eyes!!! All it took was a few quick tests and Dr. Azman had my daughter diagnosed with dry eyes. Life was good for many years until we moved to PA and lost contact with Dr. Azman (never again!) Recently I received a distressed call from my daughter, now age 20, with problems with her eyes. She had crystals forming and pushing through her eyes, infections in her eyes, she couldn’t go out in the sunlight, etc. and FOUR different specialists in PA kept giving her steroids and antibiotics with the explanation of “we don’t know what causes it”…I even told them about her dry eyes and was blatantly told I didn’t know what I was talking about. !!!???!!! Dr. Azman to the rescue AGAIN! Within two visits my daughters eyes cleared up and well on their way to healing. She’s back to normal with her nose stuck in a book every evening after sitting in front of a computer all day @ work even! Dr. Azman is simply amazing. He met with us in the late evening hours since we are out of town and even on a HOLIDAY!!! I wish more people could be as caring and giving as Dr. Thomas Azman. We refer him every chance we can! We will never be able to thank you enough.

Sandra B – Febuary 2014

Dr. Azman was a tremendous help to me through my color vision consultation and through the color vision testing for a job in Civil service. He was there to answer any and all questions i had whenever i attempted to reach him. I was fitted for the lenses and they provided me with the vision and confidence needed to pass the color vision test. If not for the consultation and endless communication and support from Dr. Azman, I highly doubt i would have obtained my career position. Thank you Dr. Azman!

Mark R – April 2013

I have been dealing with severe dry eyes for years. Have been to a dozen of eye doctors with no success. All the eye doctors kept telling me the same things over and over again. I was about to give up until I read all the good reviews about Dr. Azman and his team, so I decided to give him a try. All I can say is I’m glad I did. I have nothing but great things to say about him and his staff. Very helpful and very friendly. My dry eyes have nearly been treated after years of pain! I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. After each treatment he would follow up and call me to see how I was doing. No other doctor has ever called me to follow up. I was never rushed and he answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Azman and his team. I can honestly say he exceded all my expectations. Thank you Dr. Azman for all your help!

KM ( – March 2012

I was recently offered a position in law enforcement contingent on passing an eye exam. Having color vision deficency, I needed to find a doctor who could help me or I would lose my dream job. I found Dr. Azman and his color correction system on the Internet and at first was a bit skeptical. Dr. Azman addressed all of my questions and concerns with the utmost patience. More importantly, he helped me pass the color blind test! Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to to get the job. Thanks Dr. Tom!

RV – October 2010

As a student wearing glasses, my vision deteriorated to 20/400. Now thanks to Dr. Azman’s Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology technique, I passed my drivers test and go to school without lenses on. I am now free from glasses all waking hours. Thank you Dr. Azman!!

A. K – April 2010

I was told I could not wear contact lenses by 3 other eye doctors due to my dry eyes. You did concur that I had dry eyes, but you introduced me to Orthokeratology. You explained your Precision Accelerated technique to me. Even though I was a little skeptical about it ,because I never heard of it, I decided to trust you. I also looked into lasik and was told I could have it. After researching lasik and dry eyes I learned that if you have dry eyes you should not have lasik surgery. It has now been 2 years since going through your procedure and I am still experiencing comfortable, clear vision all waking hours. Thank you Dr. Azman for guiding and educating me and protecting my eyes from having Lasik which could of been a disaster. You have changed my life.

A.J. – April 2010

You were willing to investigate my complaints about my vision and as a result I was able to return to 20/20 vision with lens. This was very important to me as a pilot. You took my case more seriously and spent more time with me than I have ever experienced with any other eye doctor.

Alex S – April 2010

Since my treatment with Dr. Azman, I can go to the beach and not have to worry about glasses or contacts!

Alice G – April 2010

This is to express my gratitude for the excellent care I have received at Azman Eye Care and to let you know what an impact it has had on my life. I have used eyeglasses for nearly thirty years and contact lenses for over twenty years. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Care, I experienced frequent severe sinus headaches and dizziness. Since having the “plugs” inserted in my tear ducts and following your regime for using and cleaning my contact lenses, the headaches have significantly decreased in severity and frequency. Prior to my treatment at Azman Eye Center, whenever I purchased new contact lenses and eyeglasses, I found that within a month of wearing them, they no longer seemed to correct my vision as well and I was always straining to see clearly. In addition, I was never able to see as clearly with eyeglasses as I was with contact lenses. Now, approximately one and one-half years since first wearing my current contact lens prescription, my vision is just as clear as it was when I began wearing the new lenses! Furthermore, I can see just as well with the eyeglasses I received from Azman Eye Center as I do with the contact lenses. For the first time in my life, I feel confident with my vision when wearing eyeglasses and am able to give my eyes “rest” from wearing the contact lenses each week. When my family doctor referred me to you, I did not realize the possibilities for such improved vision and health, having sought help with my vision from numerous eye care professionals during my life. The high level of care and professional and responsive staff at Azman Eye Center are greatly appreciated. Sincerely

Anita M – April 2010

Thank you for the wonderful technology you’ve developed. After wearing eyeglasses for over 30 years, it’s a very liberating feeling to not have to wear anything during the day.

Bob S – April 2010

“I hate glasses! It’s a thrill to not have to worry about glasses or contacts. I went snorkeling without glasses or contacts. I can do anything I want without thinking about my vision.

Bonnie M – April 2010

I have been wearing contact lenses for approximately eleven years. My first contact lens expirecnces were with a Dr. in College Park, Maryland. The Dr provided excellent car. Additionally, he and his staff spent a great deal of time working with me as I initially had some difficulty putting lenses in my eye. After seeing the Dr in College Park for approximately two years, I was enticed by the advertisements of America’s Best Contact Lenses in Rockville, Maryland. Although I was certainly not dissatisfied with Dr. Schatz, at the time I did not see any reason not save several hundred dollars a year at America’s Best. For over seven years, I visited America’s Best for eye care. At each appointment, the waiting room was packed with more patients than you could imagine. The large number of patients meant that the optometrist was often running over an hour behind schedule. Once I finally was able to get in to see the doctor, the actual examination rarely lasted more than five minutes. However, for six years I wore extended wear lenses I received from America’s Best without any problems. In the Spring of 1992, my contact lenses began to irritate my eyes. I called America’s Best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I was then asked if I was a new patient or an existing patient. Once they realized I was an existing patient (that had already paid and was not going to bring in any new revenue), the earliest appointment available was several weeks away. At that appointment, the optometrist took a quick look at my eyes and told me I had GPC. He then instructed me to give my eyes three months rest from contact lenses and to then schedule another appointment. This appointment, where I was told I had a disease in my eyes may have lasted ten minutes, rather than the typical five minutes. After three months of not wearing contact lenses, I returned to America’s Best for a follow-up visit. At that appointment, I was told that my GPC condition had not improved and that I should forget about wearing contact lenses. At this point, a co-worker that had experienced similar problems recommended your practice to me. After my initial visit, I followed your recommendation of using eye drops and cold compresses for approximately two weeks. Since then, I have had very few problems wearing disposable lenses for the past three years. I am probably spending more for eye care each year with your practice than the total I spent over seven years at America’s Best. However, I believe you take more time with me at each of my visits than the total time an optometrist spent with me during the seven years I went to America’s Best. In summary, two items distinguish Azman Eye Care from America’s Best. First, you spend adequate time with each patient to accurately diagnose problems. I always feel like an individual at Azman Eye Care, rather than feeling like I am on an eye care assembly line. Second, Azman Eye Care appears to offer a wide variety of solutions to eye problems, rather than using a one size fits all approach to eye care. You have taken a significant amount of time during each of my appointments, discussing various options I have and helping me determine what will work best for me. I appreciate the high quality eye care I have received for the past three years.

Brian W – April 2010

The itching and burning disappeared, the need for artificial tears ended, my vision cleared and I did not need a stronger eyeglass prescription!

Cynthia R – April 2010

Dr. Azman and his wonderful staff were a pleasure to deal with and the process and technology were explained thoroughly and in a manner that I could easily understand. It is a pleasure to be free from my glasses during waking hours even during my late hours while partying. Thank you Dr. Azman for my new sight.

David K – April 2010

I’m writing to thank you for doing what three other doctors couldn’t – make it possible for me to wear my lenses again. My eyes have always been sensitive, but with the help of a sympathetic optometrist, I had managed to wear lenses – until I turned 43, when my contacts became increasingly uncomfortable. My ophthalmologist told me my eyes’ tear quality had deteriorated with the onset of middle age; he prescribed artificial tears. These gave me relief for awhile, but a year later my eyes were more irritated than ever. This time, he simply said I had GPC and prescribed medication (which didn’t help). He was stumped. I called my optometrist, who switched me to ProClear Compatibles – which provoked the condition more. I tried a second ophthalmologist; he said I could try switching from lens to lens, but suggested my contact-wearing days might be over. By this time, I was wearing glasses and feeling miserable (my high prescription is very noticeable). Finally, I did a Google search under “dry eye” and your name came up. When I called Azman Eye Care, the receptionist said you’d phone me to discuss my problem. That impressed me, but not as much as when I received a call from you later that day – from Florida, where you were on vacation! I was encouraged by your patience in listening, and your confidence that you could help. On the first visit, I was thrilled to hear, “Well, here clearly is the problem.” My tear glands were clogged; I had persistent GPC; and I was in the beginning stages of corneal neovascularization. You not only had more knowledge than the other doctors I’d seen, but you also had equipment useful for assessing my condition; for example, a machine that took a photo of my corneal cells and a video screen magnifier allowing you (and me) to see the problem in large view. Following your prescription of compresses, MGD lid cleansing, night ointment and preservative-free eye drops, my eyes soon felt well enough to wear the Sauflon lenses you prescribed. After you added plugs to my tear ducts, my eyes felt great for the first time in years. And your concern about my case — calling to see how I was doing (the first eye doctor in 33 years of wearing lenses to do that), and taking time to answer every question – was much appreciated, and a great contrast to the other doctors who simply said, “I don’t know.” Because of you, I feel confident again about my appearance when I go to a business meeting. I appreciate your encouragement and your proactive approach – but most of all, the expertise that put me back in my lenses again! I know two people who have dry eye problems, and I have recommended them to you – and have told almost everyone I know about how you succeeded where others have failed. Many thanks. Sincerely

Dawn D – April 2010

First, I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 20, twenty years. They were quite new then, and 1 have to say not very comfortable. If you recall, I experienced a great deal of discomfort and could not keep a pair for long due to protein deposits. It got to the point that I only wore my contact lenses on special occasions. I could not possibly wear them daily. You never gave up though, as new lenses hit the market, they hit my eyes!! We finally found lenses that were not only comfortable, but also affordable. I grant you that technology had a good bit to do with acquiring lenses that were compatible with my eyes, however, if you were not a leader in the contact lens market, you would not have been able to continue recommending lenses until I was comfortable! This is what I have discovered about other eye care facilities that “claim” to specialize in contact lenses. I hear the same complaint over and over from individuals wearing contacts. Burning eyes, red eyes, uncomfortable eyes, itching eyes, blurry vision. The list goes on. I know when I refer Azman Eye Care to a friend or acquaintance, these problems will be resolved. Many times people do not take my recommendation, they refuse to believe any one can help them. I know Azman Eye Care does not just sell contact lenses, the patient must come in for follow up visits. This is a very important part of the lens compatibility. It is the only way of detecting a problem before it turns into a serious issue. Azman Eye Care includes all of this in their sale of the contact lens and the yearly maintenance; therefore, the patient is encouraged to take care of their eyes. I believe this is what is so different about Azman Eye Care and other contact lens facilities. They want to sell lenses for as cheap as possible, their is no regard for the patient and their eyes, only the sale of the product. Since follow up eye care is not included in the price, their is no incentive for the patient to return. This leads to poor eye care, all the problems I previously mentioned. You know what they say, “You get what you pay for.”

Debbie M – April 2010

I never knew what life was without contacts or glasses. But, never in my life did I think that my eyes would keep me from pursuing my life long dream of becoming a police officer.

Denice C – April 2010

Laser Vision Correction is the best gift I could have ever given myself. Being over 40 and needing bifocals, PRK took care of my bifocal needs. Now I can see clearly at all distances, including nearer distances (even computers) without any glasses.

Dr. I – April 2010

It is with great pleasure that I testify to the wonderful treatment I have received at the Azman Eye Care Clinic. Prior to becoming a patient here, my past experiences were unsatisfactory — as despite my complaints to one doctor about not seeing clearly with the contacts he prescribed, I was told “that’s as good as it gets”. Had I continued in his “care”, I would have required corneal transplants. The last doctor I saw prior to the Azman Clinic, in addition to not noticing my corneas were again very dry, was prescribing lenses for me that were not even being manufactured. At the Azman Clinic I feel like I’m the only patient there. The care and patience extended to me make me feel quite certain I’m in “good hands” with professionals who sincerely care about fitting me with proper lenses and a treatment schedule to keep my corneas from ever approaching the poor state they were in when I first arrived for treatment. I won’t hesitate to recommend the Azman Center to anyone! Sincerely

Elaine R – April 2010

It has been quite a few months since I have been wearing my lenses comfortably. I never thought I would be able to. After my 3 visits to the Azman Eye Care Specialists this all changed. Prior to my first appointment in July 2003, I had been wearing lenses uncomfortably for seven years. I always felt the edge of the lenses, very strongly on my right eye and slightly on my left eye and my eyes were constantly dry. This all worsened when I tried to focus on anything, such as a blackboard, and since I was a student, this was very problematic. I wanted to wear lenses, and forced myself to wear them, since I found glasses bothersome. Over the seven years I constantly returned to my eye doctor, insisting that something was not right, lenses were supposed to fit comfortably on the eye. Most of the time, he switched my lenses to another kind out on the market, but none I found comfortable. After four or five years, I was told that there are no other kind of lenses for me, and if I do not want to wear the lenses the way they are, then I just might have to wear glasses. This upset me greatly. I knew something was not right, but the doctor did not seem to believe me. I began to wear my lenses infrequently, and wore my glasses most of the time. In February 2003, I had as a guest, Yocheved (Kevie), your wonderful Optometric Assistant. It was she who introduced me to the Azman Eye Care Specialists. She mentioned that many difficult cases came to your office and were helped. Just a few days later I received a call at home from Dr. Irwin Azman. Dr. Azman listened carefully as I spoke and told me what he thought were the problems and some of the solutions. He suggested that I come down to the Azman Eye Care Center. After a few months of thinking it over, I finally came to the Azman Eye Care Center. In just three appointments (that were all made to accommodate my schedule since I was coming from out of state) my problem was diagnosed and the solutions were found by Dr. Irwin Azman. Dr. Azman mentioned that I was one of his most difficult and challenging cases, and now I am wearing lenses, thank G-d, comfortably. At the Azman Eye Care Center, I was treated so much better than I was ever treated at an eye care center before. Thanks to the professional service, along with the extremely patient specialists, including Dr. Thomas Azman, especially Dr. Irwin Azman, who answered all my questions, believed me, helped me, and solved my problem, I feel confident that I can refer friends and family to trust their vision care in your office. Once again, thank you for enabling me to continue to wear lenses comfortably.

Esther M – April 2010

I am 8 years old and it has been great not having to wear glasses. I love it! Thanks Dr. Azman.

Gary L – April 2010

Its so exciting to play tennis without contact lenses for the first time. On many occasions, while e playing tennis, my contact lenses felt uncomfortable and caused blurry vision. Of course this affected my game and created a lot of frustration. Now I am free from wearing contacts during all my games, other sport activities and waking hours. Thank you Dr. Azman for introducing me to Precision Accelerated Orthokeratolgoy.

Gina S – April 2010

Thank you Dr. Azman for getting rid of my contact lenses while playing golf. At first I was a little skeptical but I now know your Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology system works. Your system not only has given me freedom from my contacts while playing golf I now experience more precise vision without the discomfort I use to have with my contacts. Best of all my golf game has improved.

James R – April 2010

If I were ever granted three wishes, PRK would definitely be one of them. PRK is just an unbelievable procedure, and is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Throughout my entire life, I’d never had good eyesight– but my trip to Toronto changed all that.

Jamie S – April 2010

I want to express my appreciation for helping me. I came to your office with a problem that I could not identify. However, I did recognize that my eyes were chronically tired and red, and I had to where my glasses all of the time. Today, I am experiencing a high level of comfort and I feel as if my eyesight has improved. When I arrived for my first appointment, Joanne met with me to acquaint me with your practice and to administer preliminary tests. She was very informative and reassuring. Next, I met with you and again I was reassured that it would be possible to correct the difficulties I was experiencing. You carefully and clearly explained the results of the preliminary evaluation and then conducted your own. I had worn contact lenses prior to coming to you. It was a disaster. I was prescribed a more generic lens and along with the dry eye problem, the lenses were never really correct. I was not able to read with the lenses and my distance vision was poor as well. Eventually I gave up, as these lenses were apparently the only option available to me. My experience at the Azman Dry Eye center was completely different. Dr. Azman devised a plan of attack. Which eventually led to success with contact lenses. Other eye centers did not address any specific problems; they only evaluated my eyesight and wrote prescriptions for glasses or generic contact lenses. I also want to say that the level of caring that is shown to patients from the front desk to the doctor himself, is above any I have experienced elsewhere. It is a pleasure to come to the office. I will continue to recommend the practice and Dr. Azman to my friends and family. Thank you for all your help.

Judith M – April 2010

I have always been told by every eye doctor/office that I was seen at: You will never be able to ever wear contacts because of your vision and/or because you have trouble even placing eye drops in your eyes and/or you have trouble sitting through the glaucoma air test, how do you think you will be able to put contacts in your eyes? When I called Azman Eye Care and was waiting to be helped, they have a recording about dry eyes, contacts, computer vision. etc. Their statement about contacts was that they could teach “anyone” to put contacts in. Well, I thought we will just have to see about that. I made an appointment so that I could get new glasses as I was hesitant to ask about contacts because of always being told “NO”. My hesitation was immediately swept away by the friendly, courteous staff that I met when I entered the office and lasted through my meeting the doctors. The response to my stating that I had been repeatedly told “NO” was met with “we can (and will) teach anyone to put contacts in”. My dry eyes were the first thing to be taken care of and corrected. This alone was more than I could have asked for, as I had never heard of the term “dry eyes” but knew that I suffered with itchy, scratchy, mucous heavy, dry eyes for many years. I had no idea that I could get medical help for a situation that had bothered me for many years, not one of my previous eye doctor’s had even acknowledged this condition. With my dry eye problem now an issue from the past, it was now time for contacts. I received reassurance from all and the staff member, who helped me to learn how to put the contacts in and take them out, was most patient and understanding. I must admit, I was scared, but immediately I was put at ease by the kind words of assurance, along with the expert eye exam and fittings for contact lens. There was hope and it made me feel great. When contacted that the contacts were in. I again went back to feeling hesitation and scared. This was erased immediately when I sat down at the table with the staff member. She put me at ease by letting me know that there was no rush and I could have as many nights of trying as needed. She explained that she would work with me for a short time only because the eyes become tired and irritated by the process to learn (and I found out how correct she was about this). This information allowed me to know that I was not expected to sit down and in 10 minutes become an expert or that I would be dismissed, contacts in hand, before learning the skill. Since accomplishing the task of putting my contacts in and taking them out, I have had excellent care by the doctors and staff. My first contacts where handled by Dr. Tom. It amazed me that when I would come back for my checkups and explain to him issues that I was having, he was reassuring and was never surprised/shocked by what I was telling him. When it was realized that the contact lenses that he was fitting me with would not work for me, I then switched over to see Dr. Irwin who expertly worked with me. I was reassured that even though the first type of contacts did not work that I must not give up and that the contacts Dr. Irwin was going to prescribe would be an excellent solution (and they have been) Dr. Irwin fitted me for a different type of contact lens and as we go for the exact fitting, I have found freedom. I am now able to wear contacts and my new found freedoms are to name just a few freedom to he in the family pool and allowing the boys to splash all they want, freedom to sit in front of the computer and not get headaches from eye strain, and so much more. I am so glad that I changed health insurances which lead me to find a new eye doctor. Instead of just finding one new eye doctor, I have found two excellent eye doctors. I have recommended the doctors to my co-workers; one which is now a patient and the other passed the information to her sister who is also now a patient. Thank you.

Karen T – April 2010

I have been a patient of Azman Eye Care Specialists for approximately 4 years. My first hint that this organization puts the customer’s needs first is when they advised me that I was not a candidate for laser correction. At that time, the most thorough exam I had ever had was administered, and I was prescribed glasses. I have been more satisfied with both the prescription and glasses, then any other time in my bifocal adult life. I had tried contacts in the past, found my eyes to be red, watery, itchy and the optometrist blamed menopause as the culprit. No solution was ever suggested. I went back to glasses. Because of my prescription, I was constantly taking glasses on and off and was never really comfortable. Dr. Azman advised that first we need to correct the dry eye issue, then find the appropriate lenses. Through a series of examinations, tests were conducted and plugs inserted. Then I was fitted with the most comfortable lenses and have no dry eye problems whatsoever! The professionalism and care exhibited by both Dr Irwin Azman and Dr Thomas Azman are evident in the time they spent with me, the efforts to find the right solution for me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of excellent eye care, service, and compassion. We are extremely fortunate to have the Azmans in Baltimore area! Sincerely

Katherine E – April 2010

Now I can play volleyball without knocking off my glasses and swim while being able to see where I am going. Thanks Dr. Azman for you educating me about Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology.

Kelsey L – April 2010

First, let me say that I am extremely pleased with the health care services which you and you partner have provided to me over the years. As you well know, I came to you having had a negative experience with other optometrists. At the time of my first appointment, I was unable to wear contacts for any length of time due to my propensity for contracting GPC. You will probably recall that my only experience with contact lenses prior to your practice was through the types of optometrists who specialize in selling eyewear more than eye care. I had been placed in soft lenses by two separate optometry groups, with instructions to clean them on a daily basis, using a heat based method. Although this approach was totally unsuccessful, the other health care providers did not search for an alternative. They merely suggested that I was not following the protocol and instructions provided. However, nothing was further from the truth. Indeed, your practice was the first and only practice to successfully get me into contacts. I believe the success can be attributed to factors such as you in depth knowledge of the eye, the fact that you keep abreast with latest developments in contact lenses, your comprehensive examination and evaluation prior to making any recommendation whatsoever for contact lenses and, most important of all, your refusal to place a patient in contact lenses unless and until all other health and safety factors in the eye are met. Although it took me a little while longer to actually find appropriate contact lenses through your practice, I have been able to wear the same type of lens in which you originally placed me several years ago. Moreover, when I have developed any problems, it has been due to extrinsic factors and not the lenses themselves. I also believe that the success of your practice flows from your insistence on regular, comprehensive progress checks in which you insist that the patient be evaluated prior to continuance of any contact lens prescription. In this manner, you appropriately carry out your primary goal of insuring healthy eyes and healthy vision. In sum, I believe that yours is a superior practice due to your investment in equipment which gives you the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of the eye possible, your high level of communication with patients regarding the state of their health and your demonstrated concern with health factors first, as opposed to simply putting patients in eyewear which satisfies an immediate need without consideration of long term sequalae. I hope you find the enclosed information helpful. Very truly yours

Kerry D – April 2010

I can see clearly everyday and not worry about anything at all. Playing sports is a lot easier and I can see clearer then ever! Thanks Dr. Azman. You’re the best.

Laura L – April 2010

After several days of treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only my vision improved but also the pain I had previously experienced had disappeared….my treatment from you and the other members of your office was handled with expertise and professionalism.

Linda G – April 2010

When I came to Azman Eye Care, I was unable to wear my contact lenses any longer. My vision was poor, and the contacts were constantly becoming either clouded or dirty. Due to your expert care and attention, my problems were diagnosed. After completing several different types of tests, and after trying various contact lenses, I was fitted with a comfortable pair of lenses that I could see quite well with. I will say, however, that since that time, my vision has again deteriorated, and I require driving glasses on top of my lenses. Your expertise and your attention to detail were most helpful in the process of solving my contact lens and vision problem. In addition, your staff was always gracious and helpful. As a result, I have since recommended all of my family members to you, Dr. Azman. Thank you again for all of your help. Sincerely

Lynne E – April 2010

I am writing to thank you for the high level of care you have provided as I switch from il- fitting, eye-drying contact lenses provided by my previous doctor to Azman Eye Care Bifocals. As you pointed out at the start this has required more than just the `”standard” two visits provided by other eye doctors. Your patience and willingness to find the right combination for me has been extraordinary. My case is a bit complicated by my use of drying medications as well as the fact that my work demands excellent close up vision one day followed by better distance vision the next. I know I have not been an easy client! You have never once shown impatience, second guessed me or told me that we have run out of options. Your sincere interest in doing the best for me makes my trips to “the doctor” actually enjoyable. For all these reasons I have not hesitated to refer my friends and family to you, your brother Tom and your very competent staff. Best wishes for the New Year! Sincerely,

Mary Sue M – April 2010

I would like to relate my experiences with attempting to wear contact lenses, both before becoming a patient of Dr. Irwin Azman, and after. To start, while living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas I decided to try wearing contacts as my glasses kept getting in the way. My first attempt was with a very young doctor, who had recommended mono-vision corrective lenses. After several iterations with different lenses, not only could I not see very well, but the contacts were very uncomfortable. I finally gave up with this doctor. The next doctor I tried was much more experienced, and even commented that it would take some time to get the prescription correct due to my far-sighted eye sight. Again the process of weekly visits, each time changing the prescription. While I was able to see better I never got results even close to using my glasses. Again I gave up with this doctor. The final doctor was again better than the previous two. This doctor was in a contact lens specialty, and this doctor even tried the toric lenses. Again my vision did get better, but nothing that I could live with for long periods of time. And as with the other two doctors the contact lenses were very uncomfortable. In each of the three cases mentioned above I became discouraged and finally gave up trying to wear contact lenses. They were uncomfortable and my vision was far less accurate than with my glasses. This process covered approximately 18 months. In the middle of last year, I became a Federal Employee and relocated to northern Maryland. I decided to try one last time. I searched through the phone book and the Internet searching for someone who specialized in tough cases like mine. I contacted the Azman Eye Care Clinic and Dr. Irwin Azman called me and we discussed my situation. After that conversation I made an appointment and the process started. Dr. Azman started by running a number of tests, while the overall health of my eyes was good, I did have a moderate case of dry eyes. Dr. Azman treated this condition first, and would not even entertain working with contact lenses until that condition was under control. Once the condition was under control, we began the process of narrowing in on the correct lenses, using what I consider a hybrid solution. Specifically working with a combination of bi-focal lenses with a mono-vision approach. While it did take several months, I was finally able to see almost as well with contacts as I can with glasses, and they are comfortable. In conclusion, had I not gone to a Doctor that was careful, persistent and knowledgeable in all areas of vision correction I would have given up again! As it stands now I can see well enough with contact lenses that I no longer have to deal with glasses and that is a very good feeling.

Michael T – April 2010

Previously, all of the doctors I visited only used the standard equipment to test my eyes and then they administered a glaucoma screening. I would return for the standard “fitting’ of contact lenses and I would not have any contact with the doctor until I needed a new prescription. Most of the doctors were friendly and some of them would subtly pressure me to buy their glasses and brag about their services. I never went back to them. I read an ad in a magazine for Azman Eye Care. It was as if the ad were written specifically for me. I made an appointment and the receptionist asked me questions and recorded my personal information. The event that impressed me most was when Dr. Azman, himself, called me before my scheduled appointment. He introduced himself and spoke to me about my situation. No doctor has ever done that before. When I met him. he explained the procedures he would follow. I was put through a battery of tests on state-of-the-art equipment. I never had such a comprehensive exam. I was also asked to sign medical releases so that records from other doctors could be assessed. This assured me that all my previous history would be known at a much higher level than I could relay. I would not forget to mention anything that could prove helpful. No other optometrist has compared to this degree of detail. When I was being fitted for the new lenses, I proved to be a bit of a challenge so it required multiple visits over a long period of time. Dr. Azman always listened and refined the prescription to his satisfaction and mine. He was never in a hurry to “get rid” of me, but wanted me to be happy with the outcome. He gave me a lot of lenses for trial periods. He was very dedicated and always provided me with exceptional service. I was more than a patient and statistics to him. The entire staff is professional and courteous. Dr. Azman is somewhat of a perfectionist, which is good on the patient’s behalf. He was a wonderful sense of humor and makes you feel special from the moment you meet him. He is passionate about what he does and that is what makes him so successful.

Patricia S – April 2010

Prior to this my eyes always seemed itchy and tired, not anymore!

Paula T – April 2010

I am currently a patient of Dr. Irwin Azman. I underwent cataract surgery of my right eve in January 2003 and now have an astigmatism problem in that eye. In addition. I have a cataract in my left eye and also have the normal reading vision problems that comes with age. I was simply told by my previous optometrist that I “am not a candidate” for contact lenses. That was that. Nothing else was said. So I continued with glasses. Since going to Dr. Azman, he and his staff have spent an enormous amount of time doing tests and fitting me for contact lenses. Even though I get frustrated. Dr. Azman persists in trying to keep “tweaking” the prescription to make my vision as good as possible. I now can see better with my contacts than with my glasses!! Dr. Azman has taken a lot of time and effort in order for me to be able to wear contact lenses and I would not hesitate referring anyone wanting the same.

Phyllis B – April 2010

It feels so good to be able to see without my glasses. This was a dream come true. My prescription before surgery was about -7 and now it’s about -1. Except for driving, I don’t wear glasses anymore. Another great thing about the procedure is that you can have it touched up the second time without any charge. I recommend this procedure for those who find wearing glasses as uncomfortable as I did.

Rabbi M – April 2010

I am delighted that my days changing between prescription sunglasses, glasses, and contacts are a thing of the past and that I was able to achieve this without having to resort to the permanence of lasik.

Robert A – April 2010

I was very dependent on my glasses, which I even wore around my neck for fear of breaking or losing them (which I did often). Now I seldom wear glasses except to drive at night on occasion, and my astigmatism is nonexistent… Because the procedure is so fast and painless, by the time I started to get nervous, it was over… It is a shame the FDA’s approval process is so long that a procedure like this, which can help so many people– and already has– is virtually a secret.

Robert L – April 2010

I had originally planned on having the Lasik procedure done, but found out I wasn’t a good candidate. I never heard of Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology when I came in to Dr. Azman’s office. I was planning on getting my prescription renewed for glasses and contacts, until Dr. Azman informed me about his non-surgical procedure. WOW! What a blessing! Definitely a better alternative to surgery. It’s great not having to worry about things blowing in to my eyes, and having to take the contacts out to get the debris out, or having to be extra careful when rubbing my eyes. I could go on and on about what I no longer have to worry about, but the biggest plus for me is being able to go to the pool and beach, and not worry about keeping my eyes closed under water. I recommend Precision Accelerated Orthokeratology to anyone who wants the freedom. I can’t believe one day I was wearing contacts, and the following morning didn’t have to wear any! Thanks to Dr. Azman.

Robert S – April 2010

my vision is much better now than it was a year ago.

Shirley T – April 2010

I am writing concerning the care that I have received under Dr. Tom Azman. I have unfortunately been to many optometrists in my life, and I can honestly say that Dr. Azman is the first one that I have seen as an adult that I have enjoyed and have been completely satisfied with. Besides for the state of the art (whatever in the world that means) technologies that he uses in order to help determinate the eye conditions and problems of his patients, I feel that there are two qualities that make Dr. Azman stand high above the rest. The first is his ability to look beyond the basic problems. There are many doctors and optometrists that check for a list of problems. If you don’t have one of their problems, then you are OK. Dr. Azman has been willing to look at my problems objectively. “Let’s see, what your problem sounds like, and we will work on it until we find the cause”. He has been able to say, “This problem I know what the cause it, while this problem I don’t. We’ll have to work on it, focusing on the symptoms, till we cure it.” He has been willing to work with me, instead of forcing me to follow his rules. When my eye was slightly swollen and infected, instead of telling me, “You can’t wear contact lenses, you must wear glasses”, he offered to work around my problems, and still allow me to wear the contacts that I had become accustomed to. However, what I really liked about Dr. Azman, and what has prompted me to refer to him to my friends is the care that he shows. He cares about me. Many places that I have been to, I was treated as a patient in a production line. In I went, had my eyes looked through, paid, and was swept out the door. Dr. Azman treated me like a friend, concerned with my problems. This seems to be a big theme on the medical radio commercials, but no, it’s not a major theme in the hospitals and offices. (And when they are friendly, you can tell that it is somewhat part of the job, like Mickey Mouse in Disney.) There were times that I was in a hurry, and he told me, “pay later, don’t worry about it”. He treated me like an individual, and wouldn’t rush me through in order to see another patient. He worked with me, and there were many instances that I felt that he was more concerned about my pains and problems than I was. One last word. I would feel that it is wrong to compliment the qualities of Dr. Azman without also mentioning his staff, whom have been extremely friendly and helpful, and have been overly considerate when ever I was unable to fit his schedule and even when I came late.

Shlomo K – April 2010

I would like to say that honestly, my experience with your office has been the most satisfying eye doctor experiences thus far. I feel like you actually care about my condition and all that is necessary to complete the diagnosis and treatment is performed in a timely and efficient manner. My past experience with contact lenses and exams was very nonchalant: it seemed the doctor’s didn’t really care and that I was “just another patient”. During my first appointment, I received tests that I had never had, which are supposedly required prior to contact lens wearing. I felt cheated by the other places I had been to and I strongly believe that the lack of attention to my condition undoubtedly led to the damage in my corneas. After I was referred to your facility, I instantly felt confident that I would receive the care I needed when I visited your facility. My expectations were exceeded and I am now on the road to recovery and hope to once again wear contacts in the near future. If I hadn’t made an appointment with your office and continued wearing the “wrong” contacts, I would have caused even more damage to my eyes. My pleasant experience with your office, the friendly personnel and the generally comfortable atmosphere, enable me to recommend your office to friends and family without hesitation.

Stephanie B – April 2010

I’m thrilled with the results of my PRK. It’s like contact lens vision without contacts. Getting out of sand traps is easier without worrying about sand in my contacts. It’s too bad this wasn’t available in junior high school– it would have saved me a lot of pain, embarrassment, and teasing.

Steven K – April 2010

Finally! I can work and play all day without changing glasses! It is great seeing distances and not having to deal with fogging lenses. Thank you Dr. Azman.

Sylvia A – April 2010

No other doctor in our experiences has improved either of our visions so dramatically. Thank You!

Tamara P – April 2010

I am writing to thank you for your help in getting me fitted with and adjusted to contact lenses. Apparently my “dry eye” condition has made it difficult and at times impossible for me to wear contacts in the past. Now with your help I am comfortable in my contacts. As you may remember, I am a high school senior and have tried to wear contacts in the past, not only for esthetic reasons but to help me in various sports/activities (football, lacrosse, surfing, etc.). In the past I am not sure that the eye care people I saw recognized or appreciated my “dry eye” condition. Moreover, they clearly did not address this problem. As such, I remember having great difficulty getting my contacts in and even more difficulty in trying to remove them. In the past, I was never comfortable wearing contacts. Your work with my tear ducts and other techniques you have used to correct my “dry eye” condition has made an incredible difference. The process that we have gone through to prepare me for contact lenses has made a tremendous difference. Now I am exceedingly comfortable wearing my contacts and find that they provide me with much improved vision. Again, many thanks for your help. Very truly yours.

Torin C – April 2010