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Complete Eye Care Services

We work alongside these practices for a range of Specialty Eye Care Services


low vision

Low vision is a visual condition that affects millions of Americans, especially seniors. Simply, it is a degree of visual impairment that cannot be adjusted completely to normal vision even with the use of traditional eye glasses or contact lenses.

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Keratoconus eye care

Dr. Azman is able to detect keratoconus well before subjective symptoms develop. Our doctor will use Corneal Topography & Aberrametry to diagnose and manage keratoconus. The images are instantly analyzed by Dr. Azman to evaluate your eye health.

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color blindness

Color blindness can have a profound effect on a person’s life, but thanks to Dr. Azman there is a treatment available If you have a color blindness condition that is affecting your life, contact Azman Eye Care Specialists today!

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Dr. Azman has years of experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of LASIK and PRK. We can help you with RK Complications, Failures, and Side Effects. For LASIK consultation call us at 410-561-8050!

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