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Color Vision Correction

What is the ColorCorrection System?

In the past, it was believed that those who suffer from color blindness could not be treated. Many who were color blind accepted this fact and have lived with what has been classified as a very minor disability. On the other hand, many of these people working as firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and railroad engineers have been at a severe disadvantage and would love to have the opportunity to treat their color blindness.

Thanks to the new ColorCorrection System from Dr. Thomas Azman, people who suffer from color blindness may have the chance to obtain their dream job and to see all the vibrant shades of color that the world around them has to offer. This revolutionary new system uses a series of tests and filters designed to systematically treat color blindness. Dr Azman frequently travels all over the world to provide this treatment to patients with great success. Patients using utilizing the ColorCorrection System have a 100% success rate passing the Ishihara color vision test, guaranteed.

How the System Works

Before treatment can be administered, patients first must undergo a comprehensive color vision evaluation to determine the extent of their color blindness. This process usually takes about six hours and is completed in a single visit. Based on the information gathered during this exam, specialized contact lenses or glasses are prescribed. These lenses include filters that change the wavelength of each color that passes into the eyes, which allows the patient to see shades of color that they couldn’t see before and most importantly pass the Ishihara color vision test.

Color blindness can have a profound effect on a person’s life, but thanks to Dr. Azman there is a treatment available If you have a color blindness condition that is affecting your life, contact Dr. Azman today to learn what options may be available to you. Location is often not an issue since, as we have stated, Dr. Azman has been able to travel great distances to provide the treatment they require.

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