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Yes, We Do House Calls!Dr. Azman

“We provide professional vision care
for individuals confined
to home, a retirement facility, or a nursing home.”

An Open Letter
Practicing eye care since 1975, I am pleased to have devoted much of my professional career to helping individuals with a variety of visual problems to see better.

Unfortunately for many people, access to such quality care is an issue… whether it’s because they are afraid to leave their homes, they’re physically disabled, or simply cannot drive or see well enough to use public transportation.

I believe that if access to professional vision care is limited for those confined to their homes, daily activities can be very frustrating.

Simply, impaired “near” vision can make otherwise rewarding and enjoyable tasks difficulty– tasks as simple as reading the Bible, writing letters or paying bills, sewing, and doing crossword puzzles. In contrast, if a home-bound person’s “distance” vision is impaired, visiting with friends and family… or just watching television can become a chore.

Because of this, I have dedicated myself to minimizing this issue for patients. For those who cannot conveniently get to an eye doctor’s office, I work with Global Complex Eye Care to provide HOUSE CALLS throughout Maryland and Virginia.

If you or someone you know can benefit from this service, please call!
Dr. Thomas Azman

our eye care house calls

The house call examination is as thorough as the routine eye examination provided to a patient in the office. Dr. Azman takes a complete medical history and tests the patient’s eyes for eye health, cataracts, glaucoma, and systemic disease. While determining if the patient needs a prescription, he also tests for conditions such as dry eyes.


Dr. Azman brings a variety of frames in all styles and prices with him to the patient’s home. For the Low Vision patient, he also brings a range of hand-ground lenses– both telescopic and microscopic– which can be ordered to help restore as much of the individual’s vision as possible.

Dispensing the Prescription

Once a patient’s eyeglasses are ready, Dr. Azman makes a return visit to the home to fit them properly and to ensure that the patient is seeing as he or she should.