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Across the Street from the Main Entrance to the
Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD

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Dr. Azman is my eye care specialist for life!

I have what is called advanced keratoconus which requires me to wear  special contact lenses. Before I was diagnosed I wore glasses just never wanted to wear contacts because I was scared, I'm very weird about touching my eyes, I kept rescheduling my appointments and Dr. Azman and his staff kept calling for me to come in, I was just afraid of the thought of inserting contacts I didn't think I could do it, I believed that I could get glasses instead of the contacts, didn't happen. My vision deteriorated so quickly I had to go in, let me say The Azman team are the friendliest, most professional group of people that I've met in a long time, Joanne worked with me until I was comfortable with putting the contacts in and taking them out, she was patient and even called to check on me, I have two different lenses that I insert. At home, I did everything Joanne said to do and I have no problems. I am so glad I made it into the office  when Dr. Benjamin put my lenses in and I could see clearly for the first time in a long time I cried ...Dr. Benjamin was so awesome ! Thank you so much !! Dr. Azman is my eye care specialist for life!

- Mia P.